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    Welcome to Kuusamo! The course will be closed for the winter from October 2, 2017.

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Kuusamo Golf Course

The golf course, established 2013, is situated in the scenic boreal forest of Petäjäkangas, in the embrace of nine natural ponds and in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki. The altitude of the ponds is about 260 metres above sea level which makes the course the highest one in Finland. The tee shot for the front nine is done at approximately 270 metres while the tee box of hole 10 is at 280 metres. At the highest point of the entire course area is the Golf Cafe Breikki.


The fairways are vast and clearly separated. Playing is both smooth and safe. The greens are large without being too difficult. The reliefs of the terrain have been utilized wonderfully and for a spectacular effect. For instance, at the tee box of hole 10 it is possible to see ten different holes and four ponds. Affordable playing is possible around the clock even at night thanks to the midnight sun. The tee box of the first hole is exactly at the 66th latitude so merely 60 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. At that latitude the sun stays above the horizon for a couple of weeks in the summer.


For history enthusiasts the course area in itself is worth the experience. There are wartime German military bunkers and trenches visible on the course area and its surroundings.


Come and exercise at the outdoor park. Walking trails and a cycling route can be found just on the edges of the course and between the fairways. Hotel Kuusamon Tropiikki also has a frisbee golf course, tennis courts and a beach. The spacious terrace of Golf Cafe Breikki, at the highest point of the course area, is the most beautiful place to enjoy refreshments in the summer. The cafe serves Wildfood from the Kuusamo wilderness. Breikki welcomes everyone moving around the area.




Kuusamo Golf Club




Opening Hours

The course is closed for this season. Welcome 2018.

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